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    I'm back!!! Wheeeeeeee

    I'm back amongst the fold brethren ... and I see nothing has changed. You're all STILL taking copious amounts of meds and, by the sounds of it, enjoying every last pin prick and oral. nice it is to have the swell of a good test cycle to keep things in check.

    I've been off cycle and off the board for nearly 2 years after leaving that hell hole of a place - Indonesia. But I'm back, and back on cycle, and for those who say Var doesn't work ... well let me tell ya otherwise. I've just begun (3 weeks) a short 8 weeker to get things rolling again and this stuff is smokin. I'm doing 40mg/day with a 2 week on/off Clen . Niiiiiiiiiiicccceeee.

    Will keep ya posted on how it's running. I bought it all in Thailand and it's brilliant gear. Pumps are outstanding and vascularity is just coming back nicely. Wheeee.....feel like a kid again ... and I'm in my bloody 30's.


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    happy man, i like that is a juicer, welcome back bro

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