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    Test E only-6 weeks in

    Hey bros, im just posting an update to my test E cycle. Im 6 weeks into a 16 week cycle. It was supposed to be a test E and deca cycle, but had a problem getting my deca so i didnt start deca until week 5.
    In 6 weeks of only doing 300mg per week, i have gained 10 pounds and strength has gone up alot, I am very happy, better results then my test prop cycle. This is my third cycle.
    I just started up my deca "200" at only 175 per week.
    Is it unusual that im getting good results out of such a light cycle? should i up my deca? Ive only started deca last week.

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    Depending on how many cycles you have done in the past I would say that your dosages are a little low. My first cycle ever was test e 500 mg and Deca 400 mg /wk. I can honestly say that I wouldnt change a thing if I could have my time back. But if you are already up 10 pounds, than why mess with a good thing? You have an anti E on hand? I got bloooooated as hell on my first test cycle.

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    Bump the test up to 500mg a week and make it a 12 week cycle and deca at 400mg a week. Run the test one week longer.

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