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Thread: Start me up

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    Arrow Start me up

    I recently got my gear for my 3rd cycle: 3 vials BD 200mg/mL Cyp
    1 vial BD 250mg/mL Deca
    1 amp 5,000 IU HCG w/ solvent
    shitload of nolva and 30 tabs of clomid
    Stats: 6'1"
    191 lbs.
    24 y.o. been lifting for 4 years off and on
    bodyfat-??? pretty lean

    My first cycle was cut short: sust, deca, dbol
    second cycle: test cyp at 400 mgs a week (gained 13 lbs. and diet was off)

    Tell me how you guys would do it. Cycle, PCT, weight training, the whole 9 yards. Really need help with HCG because I've never added it in. My diet is on this time. Plenty of protein and added in some glutamine. I've already started my cycle 3 weeks ago w/ 2mLs of QV Enanthate a week took my last shot of it today with 1mL deca 250. (only had 6 mLs) Any input would be appeciated bros. I'm strong as hell in my back, average in chest, and not up to par in biceps and forearms, not to mention calves. Been doing those 3 twice a week.

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    so you're saying that you had QV, and ran out, and now you have the BD gear, correct?

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    Yes, my brother had the qv left over and i went ahead and started cycle 3 weeks in advance.

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