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    Possible to grow ur gut from one igf-1 cycle???

    Ok, well I've done igf-1 once in the past... And I look in the mirror, I have a 6pac well defined (currently 7%bf) and you can see my abs really good, but when I'm sideways it almost looks like I have a gut I'm like WTF... Soo... I duno what's up with that, any clue any1???

    Well it's not that bad (as you can see from my avatar) but I can notice...

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    Unless you were running an unreasonable amount of IGF for a long period of time (two months +), you should be fine.

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    Low doses wont give you a "ronnie". The pros with the kegs under their sixpacks are all using hyoooge amounts of hgh and/or igf to get that way. Probably takes a couple of years to get noticeably gutty-er, too.

    You may still have significant intraabdominal fat deposits. Often you can be fairly lean, superficially, and still have those globs of fat actually inside the abdominal wall even though subcutaneous fat is pretty low. The only way to fight it is to just keep cutting.

    You might also want to practice "stomach vaccuums" which is nothing more than sucking your gut in high and hard like you did as a kid playing superman. Be vigilant about your posture. Make sure you are training back properly so you have good balance between muscle groups that flex the spine and muscle groups that extend the spine.

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