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    New Cycle Help Please!!!!

    So I'm not new to using AS, and have done plenty of research.. im 5'8", 200, and am probably carrying an extra 10 lbs of bodyfat right now.. My previos cycles were


    My problem is.. before I started using as.. i had very low bodyfat, and in the middle of my second cycle, I got shipped over to Iraq. Now my body is carrying way too much fat, and seems like my metabolism has slowed down considerably. I want to shed the fat, and at the same time build some lean muscle. I was thinking of maybe a FINA/TEST/CLEN cycle.. with pct and anti-e's obviously... Think this would work well in conjunction with each other? Thanks for your input... and if anyone could maybe give me a dosage/time frame for the above mentioned if it seems like a good combo...

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    test/tren /clen

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    I feel you bro im still planing my cycle and plan of this

    week 1-12 eq 600mg/wk
    week1-12 tren 75mg/ed
    week1-14 test prop 75mg/ed
    week7-14 winny 50/ed

    With proper diet and pct theropy you should have great results with this cycle. Good luck with your disision, I personally cant wait to start mine
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