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    post office question

    I am getting ready to order a conversion kit and some fina pellets. How often will the Post office scan packages. I live in a small town and can't risk people seeing this stuff. Thanks

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    I don't think it is illegal to possess and of that stuff. Just illegal to convert it. Might be different where you are at though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8-MAN
    I don't think it is illegal to possess and of that stuff. Just illegal to convert it. Might be different where you are at though.

    This is correct.

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    bump , you own cattle right ! ha ha

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    Check on yoru local laws. Generally finaplix pellets are not illegal to possess. Generally, the kit would not be, in itself, illegal to posess. Possibly in your state having both might make you an UG lab. It will certainly be probable cause for a THOROUGH search and as for getting a warrant, a no-sweater. Any judge will sign that sucker. So be clean when you accept delivery, just in case. Be clean for several weeks after, as well. Don't do your conversion right away. I would order the fina and wait a few weeks to order the conversion components.

    BTW time to preach a bit on the evils of fina kits. The kit is used to make a product that you CANNOT determine its strength since you don't know how much tren was sxtracted, and CANNOT determine the BA and BB percentages since the solvents are already mixed. MYSTERY GEAR! Not good. Tren dosage is very critical. FAR better to do a bit of research on making crystal fina, and buying your components separately. Also, then you don't have a "kit to make steroids " arriving in the mail and laying around the house. Benzyl alcohol... for alcohol rubdowns. Benzyl benzoate... hell I don't know... for making liquid hand cleaner maybe... add soap and the forementioned benzyl alcohol. Most glassware is pretty innocent looking. A few syringes... hobby use... for applying glue or oil. Filters... not very suspicious looking if you don't have all this stuff together in one tidy package. Heet... that is for your car, silly. Caulking gun is for that window pane that wants to fall out. Pellets... you were just gonna eat them. Probably not prosecutable.

    1. DOn't use a kit!

    2. Make crystal fina, not wet-process fina, AKA "mystery gear"

    3. Don't let this stuff and your pellets arrive together, and don't keep them together.

    4. Don't convert right away. Or at least only convert a cart or two so you can say you ate them.

    5. Never voluntarily allow a search of your house. See the warrant or no entry.

    6. Check and make SURE they are legal to posess in your area if you don't have cattle. Also check on how easy it would be to nab you for "intent to manufacture" or some such BS.

    7. Don't worry so much. Take precautions, and enjoy your fina.

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