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Thread: taurine & clen

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    Question taurine & clen

    hey bros i wanted to ask a quick question... ive run clen in the past and have also used benedryl with that and was satisfied with the results.... but been shoppin around and noticed from the banner on top that ar-r sells clen with taurine caps... i researched around and havent found a lot of information on taurine, but why is it good and what are its benefits if any? is it better than benedryal in limiting sides? if any knows.....

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    Check out this thread

    Clenbuterol handbook

    Taurine MUST be used with Clen at 3-5g daily. Clenbuterol depletes taurine
    levels in the liver which stops the conversion of T4 to T3 in the liver.
    Taurine allows the user to avoid the dreaded rebound effect and painful muscle
    cramps. It's a must with Clen.

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