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    Exclamation Why do you reuse pins and syringes?

    For some reason there have been quite a few “Can I reuse pins and syringes” threads. I started this thread to find out why. The Baron posted a very economical reason why it’s absurd to do so. Here is what he said (quoted without permission)

    Quote Originally Posted by The Baron
    My last order I got 300 3cc, 1-1/2" 21ga rigs for $45, and 300 1-1/2" 25ga pins for shooting for $21. That works out to fifteen cents for a rig, and seven cents for the shooting point. 22 cents per injection
    So from an economic standpoint it’s absolutely ridiculous. Let’s examine another reason people may be tempted to reuse syringes and needles.

    Ran out of pins and need to finish a cycle? This is a case which should never come up (but it does frequently and it happened to me one time and one time only). It doesn’t take too much foresight to know how many pins and syringes you will need for any given cycle. Take that number, and increase it by a few so you have a buffer incase you run dry. Problem is solved, no need to reuse. It is always good policy to have everything you need for a cycle before your first poke. Everything from alcohol pads to pct drugs. Pins and syringes naturally included.

    Now that I’ve said that I’ll say this: There are many people who have reused syringes and pins for a long time and never had a problem. But luck has everything to do with that. Especially if you are like me and prefer short esters and are therefore injecting all the time. It is impossible to be completely sterile when doing injections, but we try to do everything we can to minimize the risk of abscess or infection. Reusing pins and syringes is a step backwards from the safety perspective. Now of course it’s your choice to make, but I can see no logical reason to do so.

    Perhaps some of you that do reuse pins and syringes can explain here why you choose to do it. Clearly cost shouldn’t be a factor, if guys are willing to drop $100-$800+ on a single cycle I don’t see how they could possible balk at $40 for fresh pins and syringes every time.

    I am by no means criticizing anybody, I’m just trying to figure out, why bother increasing the risk for infection when we work so hard to eliminate it.

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    You guys are absolutly right, had to buy a safe though, cuz all the pins wouldnt fit in my safe box, hit ARR up and get a shit load of pins and have no worries.

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    i agree

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    it is mainly new people to using that were saving up just enough for their cycle and have no money left over (i dont see how) for needles, or younger people (under 20), im 19, got a friend who is 18 that reuses needles, doesnt get all his gear b4 cycle, uses only tribulus for pct, its just not educating ur self on tha subject is what brings it on

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    I never reuse syringes or pins. Its just an unnecessary risk.

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    You go brotha!!!!!!!

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    Why would anyone re-use the same syringes/needles?! Pointless! They are so cheap and there is no point messing with cle****ess issues.

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    Pointless is the word. Infections can be ugly

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    this is a good thread. just today i was thing of all the people asking about reuse needls. this is just dumb to take a chang of getting a infection. the needls will never cost as much and the doctor bulls your going to get sooner or later.

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