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Thread: Tren pct?

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    May 2005

    Tren pct?

    what do you think is a good pct for a 10 week tren a cycle with test cyp?

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    tha normal pct for any cycle

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    flex99 is offline Junior Member
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    May 2005
    do you recommend adding tribulus to my pct, if so for how long, and how long should nolva be taken for.

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    No but you might want to keep an eye and hand on your jewels because they might atrophy badly due to the tren . If that happens use hcg during the cycle not during pct.

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    Regular pct. You can run hcg throughout the cycle at a low dose, or you can run it at the end with a moderate dose. Last hcg shot should be a week before you begin pct.

    10 weeks is about max I think for running tren without having hcg either for the cycle or for the end of the cycle. You can probably get by without it, but you won't regret spending the bucks for it, either.

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