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    Exclamation thigh injection.

    hi i have been shooting in alternate glutes for 1 month now, 1 shot every 3 days of 200mg deca and 250mg test e.
    i have noticed lumps forming under my skin and have read on here that it is ok just a build up of oil.
    i am wanting to try thigh shots and have look on spot injections but still not 100% sure where to do it.
    some of the pics look like it is near the top, others look more on the side.
    just wondering where exactly to do it.
    is it closer to hip than knee, above or below the bone at the side that sort of thing. can put a pic of my thigh on here and you could show me on that if you think it might be better.
    dont realy want to do delts, dont think they are big enough for pin.
    all advice welcome, thanks.
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    ok here ya go
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    The pic provided gives a decent idea. Have a few different sites on the outer thigh and shoot a few inches and lower as well on the quads.

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    for me the quads r easier to do, but the delts seem to take the shots better... goes in like butter.. sometimes my quads don't seem to enjoy being shot. alot of nerve twitching. i haven't had any problems with nerves in the delts. it's a little hard to aspirate but once u get the hang of it it's cake...

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    thigh injection suck for me. i try my best not to shoot them

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