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Thread: cycling??

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    Question cycling??

    Hey bros Im new to the boards but im really pumped to start juicin again because I have the best source.... My man can hook it up anywhere anytime but for right now Im just tryin to get my body ready before anything can even start so I am able to get the results that I want.

    Ive cycled before buts it been almost a year since the last time. I did 2 cycles of Test-E only at 600mg for 12 weeks. What I wanted to know was what you all thought was the best cycle to start back with? Im thinkin about running a prop only cycle, Ive heard a lot of good things about prop lately. What do you guys think?

    Shout out to all my other hulksters!!!

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    take some eq with prop

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    Do the same cycle you did before, it's been a year so start there, then try something new


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    you said you have done cycles so you know what it's likek to shoot. i think you would do good with a prop cycle. just rember you need to shoot ed or eod and 500-600mg weeks would be a good dose.

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    your avator is freakin me out!!! I'm sure mine is too though.

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    hey justin is that still you bro? or what is the deal there? how is the old neck? lol 110lbs to the throat how do you type bro!!!

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