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    Oral Turinabol Stacking?

    Hi, I dont post much in this board but there is always great information and knowledge in the posts/threads. My stats are 5'10, 205lbs, and im guessing 12% bf

    My goal is to lean up, get hard and ripped for the summer. Im halfway there, just came of, EQ and tren enathate 2wks ago and will be getting off Igf-1 and T-3 today. I also ran 750mg of test which Im still taking.

    I plan on continuing with the test at 750mg weekly and Im going to add 60mg of oral turinabol for 8wks. There is not much info on stacking oral turinabol and other AAS that work well along with it in a stack for a synergenic effect. Anyone got any ideas???

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    Should be good with the test


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    that should be ok

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