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    Quick hairloss question.might be dumb

    Probably a common sense question, but would the dose takin of an AAS like anavar affect the amount of hair lossed or acne gained. What I mean is would taking 60mg of avar really be that much worst than taking 40mg of var as far as sides like hairloss, acne and shutting down are concerned. I wasnt sure. I know with test the more u take the worst.

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    all in all yes. var is not that bad on the hair. but somthing like winny makes my hair fall like mad

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    yea my hairline is 2 inches higher after 4 cycles of test,dbol ,winny,eq. its hard to say what causes what, considering genetics also. the way i see it if its going to happen then juice just speeds it up. not a good thing when your still single like myself. but ill take 18"arms and receeding hairline over the alternative, ..whatever that may be.

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    FAT and BALD if you ever injure yourself.

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