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Thread: Newbie is back

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    Question Newbie is back

    I personally have to commend sgfury for a well written post.. I have studied professional writing, and have to say that this piece fits all the criteria for being A rated. If your a student , I'm sure your professors must love you. It has made me think hard, and the drug I'm considering is no where near that toxic. This brings me to my case in point. Can you experienced guys tell me a little about the side effects associated with 150-200mg of ganabol (EQ) per week. I know that it is not alot, but as I explained in other forums I have no tolerance for side effects. My primary goal is to increase muscle tone, and bring out vascularity. I am 28, weigh 200. I have played with Anadrol in the past, and realize how lucky I was. There was a point where I was taking 150mg per day( What a jerk I was, holy ....) I have also used Primo,Sus and a Test. What can I expect? Other people have told me to expect nothing as the dose is too low, but keep in mind, even the slightest changes would be appreciated. Please help. Thank you,


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    That a waste. Do at least 400mg of EQ a week for 10 weeks. Stack some test in there as well. It sux you have Ganabol 50mg/ml. That's alot of injections bud. Any questions, feel free to PM me.


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