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    is yohimbie same as yohimbine?

    is yohimbie extract from say like vitamin shoppe same thing?

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    I've never used this substance, but if I remember correctly yohimbine is the extract of yohimbe, so it's more concentrated with more of the active ingredients needed for fat loss.
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    Yohimbe is a hernal extract good for fat burning which contains yohimbine and some related compound this is a very popular otc fat burner.
    Yohimbine or products containing yohimbine actually contain yohimbine hcl. This is a synthethic deritive of the herbal product and is more potent. I dont know the ratio for yohimbe and yohimbine hcl.
    Foe ephedra and ephedrine hcl. The hcl products is about 10x more potent mg for mg than the herbal product.

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