Could some of you guys give me some advice, my first cycle i used deca at 500mg a week and sus 250 at 500 mg a week for 12 weeks. This would be my second cycle. I have Super test 300mg i have enough to take 600mg for 20 weeks. Is it ok to take it for that long? Should i frontload at 1000mg for the first2 weeks? I have winny (stanozolol ) also i was thinking of ordering some clen but i was wondering if it would be ok to stack this with clen and what would the results be like with the two combined ? When would i want to start taking the clen or winny or both and how long can i run this for? last question Is nolva enough for pct? i guess it might just be easier if someone wrote out how they would cycle and stack these products. Any advice woulld be greatly appreciated. THANKS