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    Thumbs up Is it worth ot???

    Im going on a mass cycle soon

    12 weeks:

    400mg deca
    500 test
    1-4 : 40mg dbol

    7-12 - 50mg trenbolone eod

    Will 4iu ed do much, some say no and some say Its useless without slin...but Im thinking with out slin....

    I would like to give it a try..but...


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    it would help since it will increase muscle cells and then the steroids will increase the size, but since i see that you were born in 1978, then i wouldn't do it just because you are young and don't need it at the moment. I would wait until later on, definitly leave the insulin out unless you know what you are doing. That can be dangerous stuff if not used properly

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    I assume when you say '4IU' you are talking HGH (you didn't mention what you were talking about0!

    Let's see: you are 23 years old and 188 lbs. I am guessing you have not done too many cycles.

    My question is this: how much extra weight do you think you will add by including HGH? I don't know that you will be able to grow any more/faster than the cycle you already have!

    BTW: "Is it worth ot" is a lousy subject line! Ask something like "Would HGH Improve this Cycle?"

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    my veigth is 209ibs And Im 188cm tall...sorry...
    Iv done a lot of deca ,test,thai cycles.

    But maybe I shlould wait with the gh...?
    Some of my friends have done a couple cycles with gh/as and it worked very well...i just want to make a lot of research first and hear som opinions first..

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