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Thread: GH Question

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    GH Question

    i was thinking on doing four IU of GH each day and 1000mg of Test a week for four weeks then just do 1000mg of test for another 4 weeks. how does that sound. would i be using the GH long enough for it to work?

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    bro you need to do alot more research. there is like no infor for in this thread.

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    GH for four weeks? I wouldn't bother. GH should run at least 4 times that long. Doses as small as a couple iu can be effective, but you have to run it for a while. Likewise, the test, if it is cyp or enanthate or similar, should be ran longer... at least 10 weeks and 12 would be preferable. If you just happen to have that amount on hand, consider reducing to about 700mg/week so you can stretch it out a bit.

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    Doesn't sound good at all


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    Where did you get this idea from

    I can't believe all these GH posts lately... when will people learn to research?? It's one thing to have questions after doing some reading, but for you to say you will run GH for 4 weeks, you haven't read anything (even on this board in the GH forum) about it.... I personally made a few posts recently on this subject and I've been reading on it for about 2 months now.

    Please do some research before you start anything, just my .02

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