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    First BLOOD aspirated ever

    Man after 100's of injections I just aspirated blood for the first time. I was doing a calf inject and hit a vein I guess. I just pulled it out and moved it over like an inch and reinjected. I don't think there was any blood on the second aspiration but it was kind of hard to tell with the blood already in the syringe. I pulled the plunger back and it didn't fill up so I guess I'm ok. I feel fine and my calf doesn't hurt.

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    I never include calves into the rotation.

    They always seem to hate any injections and I get sore for days at a time if I am shooting anything with a high BA concentration.

    Blood in the pin happens to me, but I'd say maybe 1/100 injects. I pretty much know where I can best avoid any blood vessels now after countless injects.

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