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    Question about a bud wanting to try AAS

    hey guys got a short one for ya....... I have this bud of mine that needs a little help not sure what to tell him btw he does not know about me taking roids anyway . He asked me the other day what he should do I feel real bad for him because he has all but giving up on working out he told he has been working out 3 yrs now and eats like a horse the thing is he eat all health foods and stuff I measured his waist it is 30 and his chest is 34 he is a skinny dude and no frame and no pecs at all flat chested in other words. He wants to try some gear to help him out any of you guys have any suggestions ? what should I do? I bet if he did he would be so cut and lean

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    Get more in depth with him about what his diet really looks like first...A lot of people are suprised that they are far from meeting/exceeding their caloric requirements for growth! protein-2 grams per body weight if he's that skinny.

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    i think bro you should tell him to change his diet if its not working & try some new training methods there is alot there roids are not magic pills or amp its like dressing but before that he should understand that roids are not be all & all its all bout eating rite training & resting but i know its hard for him to understand that because i was like him i thought that roids are magic stuff that make you like ronni or somthing lol i hope you work this out with the guy

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    roids wont work unless you've got the training and the diet down.....ih he hasnt seen gains in the last 3 years, he needs to try some new stuff.......grow before you go on juice

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