I have some omnadren that I was just a little suspect of for no real soild reason other then the fakes ones are impossible to tell from the real ones just by looking at them. And there have been several different fakes versions over the years and the good fakes are flawless, omnas, as you know have a very simple label on them, hell, simple enough that you good probably make one yourself with the equipment at kinkos(not that they would let you, lol)
I went ahead and did the freezer test on them and they got cloudy like i think I remember that they should if they are real. I did the ed thrd search already before anyone starts bitching about that, and the result was the reason for this post. There are serveral people that said yes it works and couple screaming bullshit, I froze mine and it didn't cloud up so the freezer test is worthless because I used them and got good results, now that proves nothing, it could have been some cheap enath in the amp, doesn't mean that the freezer test doesn't work. With that reply that I found in mind I would like to ask that people to please refrain from replying unless you have some solid first hand expierence with it, not just newbie board crusiers repeating they heard someone else say (no offense to anyone but you know that shit happens all the time) I'm a bit older then alot of the Brothers here and the freezer test predates these boards, guys were doing it as long as there's been sust and omnas. If all I get is a bunch of mixed replys I guess I will just cough up the $200 or so it costs to have a blended ester drug like omnas tested and find out for sure, at least then I can say that lab tested and proven real beyond a doubt omnas got cloudy in the freezer like I heard since some of you guys were in diapers(it's been around a long time) or if I find out there fake(which I really don't think they are) I can then say once and for all that the freezer test is bullshit. This is for my own personal use cycle and I have a limited time frame that I'm workng in before I make a run at my states masters title(next year I'm I'll be old enough to enter it and can get away from all these young monster running around these days, lol, it will be just me and the other old timers) I can get anything I want except lost time back so I don't want to waste it on something bunk. Thanks for your help guys, I've been away for quite sometime now just waiting stuff to settle back down on the boards after the bustfest2004 of last year, lol. good to be back, I missed a lot of you guys, happy to report things are fine with me.