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    Dec 2004

    Next cycle, what u think?

    Ok i have done previous cycles and all that stuff, i was just wondering what people think of this one:

    30mg dbol everyday 1-4 weeks
    750mg sus 1-15weeks
    400mg eq 1-10weeks

    i do have stuff for post cycle...

    Im running the sus longer cause some people said once you come off the eq you should continue to run test a few weeks longer...

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    Aug 2004
    looks similar to my current cycle.
    40mg dbol , 400 test-e and 400 Eq

    I've never taken sustanon , but from my reading you will have to inject it EOD to take advantage of the prop.

    But it looks like a good cycle ensure you have anti estrogen for during cycle

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    The point of no return.
    If it was my cycle I'd do this:

    1-4 Dbol
    1-15 Test E
    1-14 EQ

    10 weeks of EQ is a bit short for my tastes. I don't see much happening until weeks 7-9. Personally I also prefer Test E to Sust.

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    I agree with eGGz, you gotta run EQ for a min. of 12 weeks. I also perfer Test E vs Sus. I'm on a cycle similar to yours but w/o the dbol . Didnt like it too much on my last cycle.


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    ispoilthem69 is offline New Member
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    Dec 2004
    first time using dbol i like it... ill get more eq then and run it longer

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