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    It's dark in here......

    Tribulus in place of HCG?

    I was just wondering can tribulus be used if HCG is not available?

    My cycle includes both tren and EQ (along with test) but I have been reading that HCG is recommended due to how badly tren shuts down test production.

    I have also read somewhere that clomid is not effective when it comes to pct after tren usage.

    So I was wondering can I use tribulus @ 4 grams ED throughout the cycle and through pct since I can't get HCG?

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    Studies has shown that Tribulus doesent give any effect what so ever it doesent stimulate LH production so but Hcg is great and use both clomid and nolva in pct

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    I would only use tribulus as an absolute last resort if you cannot get either clomid,Hcg or nolva...but most would only start a cycle with all ingredients on hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoidGut
    I was just wondering can tribulus be used if HCG is not available?
    There is yet to be found a true poor man HCG replacement.
    I can only suggest to run test a couple weeks longer than tren and adopt an aggressive PCT protocol.

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    Best affordable TONGKAT ALI?

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