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    Exclamation Test Suspension?

    what type of results can i expect from a 4 week cylce of Test Suspension..i plan on running 100mg ED for 4 weeks...are the gains that un-keepable like they say they are. because i dont want to loose everything..I want to put on some quick size fast...i might grab some liquid letro to keep my face from turining into a ballon

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    I am on it currently now myslef doing the same; 100 mg/ED
    you won't hold water with suspension becasue there is no ester attached, its pure test. I am closing out my cycle with other compounds so I can't really speak for what test susp will do alone. I can say since i started it I dried out some of the bloat and hardened up some.

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    To reap the best benefits you're best off injecting twice a day. I don't see it doing too much besides a nice increase in power. You may be better off with something like Prop for 6-8 weeks.

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    I did 4 weeks of it along with winny, tren low dose dbol , also ran nolva with it. I lost my gains... I did bloat however. I would tend to say you could keep gains maybe if lr3igf1 is ran with it and with pct. Possible, but I think short cycles are not that productive with either bulking or cutting goals.

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