Hello everyone.

I have IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease , Colitis ulcerosa) and I was wondering
What might happen to the bowel if I take anabolic drugs with this disease?
My condition in this disease right know is very good and I havent take any cortisone over a year.
Thank god for that. cortisone sucks bigtime.

Is Tablets more dangerous to the bowel than needlestuff because the drugs go throught to the bowel and not just straight to the muscle?

I have read that Deca is known as anti-inflammation anabolic drug, so I was wondering might that be good idea to try that because my bowel is
chronically infected all the time?

Also I was thinking take some susta in the cycle but I am Natural
and this suppose to be my first cycle and this is a little bit nervous to me because I dont want to upset the bowel.

So is here anybody who has the same disease and also taking anabolic drugs?
What was your reactions in bowel in the cycle and what was the drugs?
Of course "Normal people" can also give me ansers if you know about this.