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Thread: andro gel

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    andro gel

    i know that it reall isnt worth it but someone gave me 10 boxes of it ans i heard that the absorption isnt to good what do you think if you added a little dmso ? just a thought let me know what you bros think i dont just want to throw it away and no its not the only thing i have i am currently running 1 sus ed 50 mg of naps ed npp some reg decca var and some tren at the end also doing 15 iu ed jin

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    Given that 1 package, or 4 pumps is the low replacement dose, you can see how hard it would be to use it for anything other than HRT. As to DMSO, I have no idea, but I can't imagine it could get absorption high enough.

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    how the hell did u get 10boxes? i work at a pharm and we only carry 2boxes at a time and i wouldnt waste my time with them..i guess thats y it was given to u..Its a waste ull have to patch ur whole body with those patches!!

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