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    Winny and dbol ,bad stack?

    I was thinking about buying some dbol tabs to stack w/ some winny tabs I already have. I know test would be the best choice but I'm poor,I have some clomid already to minimize side effects ,the price of the dbol is much cheaper (less than half $),its from my friend and only 100% trusted hookup, and I know the dbol is real.
    My friend says its not a good idea cause they
    will counteract each other. But think it could work if I start the winny cycle halfway through the dbol cycle and cut up? I have read up on them both and it just seems like a decent idea for some w my $ problem.
    I'm gonna do it unless You guys think its a horrific idea.

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    Going to be extremly hard on liver and kidneys

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    not where I want to be
    if you have $ problems than your best bet would be to ditch both the winny and dbol and save up for some test only. what are you trying to accomplish?

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    test should be very cheap. If its not youre "friend" isnt that good.

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    all oral cycle

    This page has a sample of an all oral cycle.

    I would strongly suggest you listen to BigGuns101 & symatech & longhorn814

    "Test is Best"

    Be sure and have all your PCT supplies in advance of your cycle. Dbol gives me gyno symptoms so I always have nolva on hand when running Dbol.

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    Thanks guys ,you never fail me. To think, only 5 views,4 replys and they are all intelligent. I really appreciate the oral cycle link thing. I wish I knew how to do that or did the site do that itself like if I say clen , needles or fat.

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