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    Ordering Question

    I was just wondering since the money has to be sent western union I figured i would give my real info for that but as far as the name i give for delivery I live in a apartment complex and Im not sure if I use a fake name but real address they will put it in my mailbox. Theirs little name tags inside of my mailbox and if a fake name is used i might not recieve it. I was just wondering if i should use a real name or not for mailing, also the package is being sent domestic.

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    I don't know if for domestic you need ID, but I know for sure when I order international I must show valid DL or they won't send the money. So unless you have a good ID then use your real name.

    As far as the mailbox goes, I get mail in my box all the time from people who don't live in my apt but the address on letters and stuff goes to it. I never happened at my old place though so perhaps it depends on the mailguy.

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    Yeah i have to send the money international which using my real name isnt a problem but the mailing is domestic. Same with me about the mail, the old place i used to get mail with diffrent names but my address but now at my new place i do not. So

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    Dont use a previous tenant as Ive heard of people doing that and the pack ends up getting forwarded to them. If its going to bother you that bad stick with domestic orders much easier and safer in my opinion.

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