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    winny question???

    ok im gettin ready to start one of my friends on a cycle but his goals are to just get shreaded and cut and maybe add a lil size but mainly just to shread.
    He is 50yrs old and is in decent shape he just needs to lose some bf. Hes never done a cycle b4 and I told him about winny and hes real interseted...Would a winny cycle alone at 50mg/day be sufficent to acheive his goals? I was thinking that he should also take some test but hes a lil scared bout side effects like hair loss and shit bc hes older. I was wondering that bc hes older would 250 mg/test a week be good or would he need to run more (if he should even run it at all)?? thanks

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    go with 400 mg test prop with winny

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    He could run prop 75mg ed but if he is scared of test i would run 400mg eq and 350 winny ew. i have seen several people yield some really nice results on that..

    week 1-14 eq
    week 8-14 winny


    week 1-10 prop
    week 4-10 winny

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    winny will make you lose more hair than test.

    if it is his first cycle i would run 400-500 mgs of test cyp or eth for ten weeks

    if he insists on the winny i would run it for the last four at 50 mgs everday

    make sure his PCT is in line.

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    i agree with u guys but hes scared to take anything else besides just the winny alone. What kind of results do u think he will get if his diet is in check and he kills himself at the gym?

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    i say prop/winny ... that should be good for him ... if his diet/training are in check then he should be able to see some very nice gains

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