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    how can u be sure that the juice had gone in?

    hi bros..whenever i injected my glutes..i just have this feeling that the oil did not went deep enuff into the muscle..especially when its not sore after injection... i am using 24g 1 1/4inch... is it ok? i cant get 1 1/2 inch at my pharmacy

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    Get some 1.5inch pins and you won't have to worry about this. I use 1 1/4 also but i am sure the juice is flowing.

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    what would happen if it did not go into the muscle ? where would the juice go and would it be effective ?

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    Kinda depends on your bodyfat. If you have a lot of "insulation" on your ass then I would go with the 1.5" pins. If you are lean and mean then 1.25 inchers should be just fine.

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    unless your legs are like lumps of lard and you are inj in the right part of the quad i cannot see you not hittin muscle!

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