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Thread: FInalization

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    alright tell me if this is all good.

    25 G X 1″ 3CC, Syringe with Needle. (B-D) is what im gonna use to shoot

    Im doing a 10 week cycle of teste only.

    going shoot twice a week 250mg monday 250mg thursday

    is that 1cc for each 250?

    I want to run Nolva through the whole cycle though.
    And still a bit confused on my PCT

    I know to do it 2 weeks after cycle but how would that work if i want to run nolva the whole time...cause i want to advoid GYNO.


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    post in PCT forum prolly get better luck and a quicker response.

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    what are your stats dude.... I could be wrong and sorry if I offend you here, but judging by your avator pic, I think you could do a lot more naturally.

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