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    Would 250mg/w test + 150mg/w deca be worth it?

    Right as summer started I finished my second cycle (500mg test, 250mg deca , 15mg dbol ). I've lost about 20 pounds since then over the summer from just slacking off, not working out like I should, not eating right, etc... basically I've just been taking the summer off almost.

    I wanna gain some back in the next month and bulk back up a bit before I go back to college. I'm running a big budget here though. I've got enough deca left from my last cycle to do about 150mg a week for 10 weeks. I really CAN afford two bottles of test, to do 500mg/w, but I really dont want to spend the money as I know once school starts it'll be needed elsewhere, so I'd really prefer to just get one bottle and run 250mg/wk.

    I'm not looking to bulk up and get really big like I was before, just bulk up a bit, get my body back into shape quickly, etc. Would 250mg/wk of test be worth my time/money?

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    i dont think either dose would be

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    i dont know how you receptors will take it now that you have done a 500mg/wk cycle but i think 250mg test and maybe 200 of deca for about 12 weeks would get you about 10-15 lbs with some strength but that would all depend on diet rest and training strictness

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    Dont bother with that dosage...your 21 right?


    Work with the gold mine you have right now...


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    if you dont have the cash to buy gear not juice till you do.

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