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    need some advice guys, half way through my cycle . .

    hey guys . . been on a cycle of Tren A. and Masteron Prop. for a period of 6 weeks . . I want to drop the Prop and continue with the Tren A. . . and substitute the Prop with something else for the remainding six weeks . . I want to take something that is eod shots, one that can be mixed with Tren A. .

    i'm 5"8 and 190, bodyfat is 10 percent . . in the six weeks i've put on bout 15 to 20 lbs . . my stregth has noticeably increased . .

    but I hear Masteron Prop. and Tren A. ain't the best way to go . .

    so i'm looking for some advice, and majority rules . .

    thanks guys, you've been great help on my journey . .


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    May 2005
    i'm looking for muscularity, putting on size n weight, getting cut, ripped, defined, and gaining strength . .

    the obvious, but I thought i'd share it . .

    holla if ya hear me

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    Why not add testosterone prop in with both those... I would continue the masterone as with test and tren you will cut up pretty good. Well, diet and cardio must be in check. test/tren/masterone=good stack.

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    you should be runnin test with tren n mast anyways mate.

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