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    Test E/Deca cycle results

    I am about to start a cycle of Test E 500mgs & Deca 200mgs a week and would like to hear some of other peoples results including how much they were actually able to keep & their PCT info.

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    I would up the deca to 300 or 400. My bud ran a similar one and gained 35 his first go around. Kept like 20-25. It's a good, basic bulker. Ran HCG at 1000 ius for ten days starting 3 weeks after last deca shot. Nolva too.

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    the deca should be bumped to 400mg week. what you keep after the cycle will depend on your diet and training. but for most they keep like 60%

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    i did a Test E 400mg/Deca 300mg cycle in feb/march. put on 21 lbs in 6 weeks and lost 10 of it within 3 months.
    got very puffy and most of my gains were bloat, got very hard libido probs and that's why i stopped after 6 weeks.
    most of my strenght gains are still here.
    i will never do this kind of cycle again, for me the lbs you put on are false with deca.
    but that's just my opinion, in oktober i'm gonna start a Sus/equi cycle.

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