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    does steroids prevent muscle breakdown during calorie deficit diet?

    hi bros..just wondering bout cutting cycle..what does steroids ' role in cutting? like test...or deca ... winny..tren ... does it actually help in fat burning? or it just there to preserve muscle? or even build muscle in a calorie deficit environment?

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    Yes it prevents catabolism when caloric deficient. Also, you must keep protein up and I have heard people say tren will actually build not just preserve during dieting/cutting cycle. As for fat loss there have been studies showing test will help with bf, and experienced users will say winny and tren for sure. I think it is about the diet.

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    i would say prevent's but helps to keep muscle's yes

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    Yes some steroids have been show to decrease visceral fat cells permanently, one of these being oxandrolone, a very useful compound in my opinion

    but of course diet is key for bodybuilder and athletes alike

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