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    Pct For Test Enanthate And Tren Enanthate

    Hi guys,

    right now I'm running a product that contains 200mg test enanthate and 150mg of tren enanthate per ml. I'm taking 4ml PW. I have Nolva, Proviron and HCG at hand. I'll be taking Vitamin B6. Also, people have told me that Cabaser/Dostinex would be a good addition.

    What are your reccomendations, please? How would YOU suggest I run my anti-e's through the 10 week cycle. For example, how much B6 or Nolva per week? Is there anything missing and what are your opinions on Cabaser? If you need further info, just ask.

    Thanks a lot...

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    I have run that combo before. Run the nolva at 20mg/day and the b6 at 200mg/day. This is what i ran and did great but i am not prone to gyno. Line up pct where you end tren and test at the same time and start pct two weeks after last shot. Pheedno's pct works for me.

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    can you lay out your whole cycle for up

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    Use the HCG during the cycle, at 300-500iu e3-4d


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