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    major gyno concern

    I've had gyno(glands alone about quarter size) for a year or two(from some other source).
    I'm going to start my 1st cycle in a month and wanted to do
    30mg d-bol
    500 mg test-e
    20 mg nolv
    pct.................should I drop the d-bol??(I would really like to jump start the cycle)

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    Dbol on first cycle

    Im into week 2 of my 1st cycle and opted for 40 mg Dbol ED to jump start my cycle. Although, a lot of guys on here advised me not to take Dbol on 1st cycle. I ran no AI and after 1 week "on" I have early signs of gyno(painful nipples with a lump) and I have NO gyno history even with previously using PH's, including M1T. I immediatly began running nolva 80 mg ED and Adex at 1.5 mg Ed and the pain is getting much better after just 3 days or so.

    Maybe if I ran an AI and nolva from the beginning I would have been ok. But, I should have listened to the advice of the experienced users and not used Dbol on my first cycle.

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    i have a buddy who even looks at dbol his nips maybe try the dbol and fisrt sign of sensitive nip stop

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