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    Thougth I ought to share a little story called...

    ...Old source gone greedy and then picked up by the police!

    My brother called my from my beloved home country and said that an old friend and former source had been picked up by the police.

    The funny thing is that my brother worked with this guy and he actually saw when the police came in and grabbed him at work.

    Although, it is about 7-8 years ago I used him as source, I stopped using him mostly due to leaving my dear old Sweden but I kept referring friends to him. Anyway, my brother said that my former source had it coming. He had started to supply people with more than just AS, if you know what I mean, so of cause the cops picked up on it since 'those' clients seem to be targeted by the police more often. My brother said that the rumor was that someone gave him up..? So the police came to take him away.

    Why can't 'they' just keep a lower profile and keep doing one thing? The more you get involved in the bigger the risk is that you'll get caught. Damn fool, and he was a good guy too. At least before his x-tra business adventures.

    It is always something happening...but as long it isn't happening to me I a little bit happier.

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    Its in our human nature to get gready, just watch the movie " scarface "

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