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    First cycle:Test/EQ-- PLEASE HELP...

    After four years of working out, I have decided to start my first cycle. Current stats are 23 yrs old, 5'11", 180 lbs. Started off four years ago at about 140 lbs. Gains have been made so far from diet, weight gain powder for a few months in the beginning, protein, and creatine a couple of times. I am very happy with progress so far but have levelled of recently for the past year.

    I was thinking the following cycle:
    -500 mg Test Enanthate every week
    -400 mg EQ every week
    -Will run this cycle for 10 weeks

    -Will use Arimidex or Liquidex throughout cycle to help with bloat (don't want to let it be too obviously known)
    -Will have Nolva on hand just in case
    -Will start Clomid one week before coming off cycle

    I have the following questions about thus cycle:
    -How many cc's does the cycle above work out to? How big are the vials that I'll be looking for (don't know much about the mg-cc conversion).

    -How much arimidex and clomid do I need to take? Are there any online reputable and legal sources that sell arimidex/liquidex, nolva, and clomid? If not, just let it be known- NOT looking for anything illegal. What is a reasonable price to pay for these?

    -How big should my syringes be?

    -Is this a good cycle? How will this affect my focus as I'm still in school?

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    I owuld just start off with 500mg test enth split into 2 weekly shots. E3d or so you do a shot. Leave out the eq for your next cycle. Since this is your first cycle you should only use test to see how well you tolerate it and react to it. Check out the PCT forums and follow Pheendo's PCT protocol, it says how much arimidex , clomid and nolva to take. A typical 3cc syringe shout be fine. The amount of cc's in your cycle is dictated by the strength of your gear. If your gear is 250mg/ml then it would take 20cc's to run a 10 week cycle at 250mg e3d (that's every 3rd day). Focus in school is up to you, it more mental then anything.

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    Hey bro.. First, since it being your first cycle you will hear that Test E for 1- 10 or 1-12 weeks will be better for you so you can see what compound does what and how it affects you. Also if you do end up running Test/EQ the EQ should be run a little longer than 10 weeks.. I saw that you wrote you will begin clomid a week before your cycle ends. That is not the correct way.. You would need to start the pct 2 weeks after the last administerd test shot.. We have sponsers on this board for legit arimidex /nolva/clomid.. check it out.. If you need anything else I will try and help you bro.. Maybe some more experienced people will help you out.. good luck

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    start using the ldex/adex in about week 3 or 4. keep nolva on hand. syringes i use are 3cc with 1" 23 guage needle. You got the clomid wrong. start clomid 2 weeks after last test injection. keep nolva on hand during cycle for itch/sore nipples. while on cycle use ldex .25mg ED when needed and nolva 10mg ED when needed. use ldex .25 mg ED and nolva 20mg ED in PCT with clomid. run nolva a week or 2 longer than the clomid therapy, which is not needed longer than one month, i would say 3 weeks. your cycle is not too heavy, your estrogen contol and PCT should be a peice of cake.

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