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    hey my dad gave me 19-noranrosten-3-17, they are in pill form but i have no idea what they do. Are these worth taking? I think they are prohormones...

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    bump for info

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    Never heard of it. Probably one of these new quasi-prohormones that you see advertised in the muscle mags. They can't sell the old ones, so they come up with new chems, give them steroidish sounding names, and sell them to the desparate and clueless. It probably won't hurt to take a half dozen a day somewhere in the middle of a proper cycle, but I intuitively doubt that they will be responsible for any gains. Taking them alone, assuming that they have any ********* effect at all, will probably just mess with your endogenous testosterone production without giving you any gains, or doing nothing but giving you water gains. So if you are not juicing, I wouldn't bother with them. An experiment could have annoying results and certainly would not have beneficial ones. JMO, no hard facts. YMMV I guess but I think personally I would toss them.

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    It's crap. Throw it away or sell it and get the real stuff.

    Pro-hormones = more sides, less gains.

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