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    Deca and Anaver Cycle

    Thanks for any suggestions you may have guys...I got my hands on 300mg/ml Deca Qv 10ml and 100 5mg Anavar tabs....What configuration of a cycle can I use with this. I want lean mass that is why I got these 2 roids. I am 5'10 and weigh 155. I got up to 168 with a dbol cycle from 145 but only kept 10 of the pounds. How can I cycle this? What is a good workout routine for about 10 pounds of lean muscle? VERY IMPORTANT what should i do for PCT. Thanks alot guys

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    You have 3000mgs of Deca and 500mg of Anavar . I am going to start by saying don't even bother taking any Anavar. The best you could hope for is 20mg/ed for 25 days and that isn't going to do jack. I wouldn't go lower than 40mg/ed and I wouldn't run it for less than 4 weeks. Also, you need to run the Anavar so the last day you take it you start PCT. This means you have to line up your Anavar intake to match with your Deca active life.

    As for Deca you're going to need about 400mg/week, so you have about 7 weeks worth. Not that great but I guess it will do. However, I don't think taking Deca without testosterone is a good idea. You will be shut down bad and with no test in your body you're going to notice it. I would suggest a slow acting test like test e.

    So, to summarize. Bye more Anavar so you can take at least 40mg/ed for at least 4 weeks, and run it at the end of your cycle matching up with the Deca/Test active life. Add in some kind of test so you don't feel like crap while on the Deca. Run it for the 7 weeks that you have enough gear for, and start PCT immediately after your last var day so you can keep most of your gains.

    One more thing, you need to do a lot of research before you start this.

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    That's not a good cycle at all... good chance of shut you down hard and having sexual dysfunction... you need test with deca .
    You dont have enough var to do anything and it makes no sense to run the 2 together anyways since var hardens you up and deca bloats you all to hell.
    I would do some reading and change the whole cycle.

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    You might want to add testosterone for libido
    and PCT for Deca : 21 days after last injection

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagerandHumble
    I got my hands on 300mg/ml Deca Qv 10ml and 100 5mg Anavar tabs....What configuration of a cycle can I use with this


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