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Thread: Tren enan only?

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    Tren enan only?

    Is 228 mg/wk of tren enough to put on 10-15 of lean body mass? My friend wants to put on about 10lbs and is insisntent on taking anavar , i told him tren or parabolan for 6-8 would give better results, is the a correct line of thinking. Do tren or parabolan need to be run with test, if so why? Any help is appreciated, under a tight time limit here.

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    Yes always run test as a base.

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    Aren't tren and para derivatives of test?

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    No, they are not. Run with test.

    Tren E is NOT for beginners. In fact, tren isn't for beginners at all. First cycle should be test only, 10 to 12 weeks, 300 to 500mg/week. Test E or C, shoot 2x/week or E3D. Prop shoot ED. Sust shoot EOD. Don't start at all unless you have your nolva on hand, and your clomid for pct. If you don't know what those are, you need to hang out on the board a few more months before you start buying gear.

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    anavar can be run without test mate but tren must be run with some form of test.

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