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Thread: Clen cycle help

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    Clen cycle help

    How should u cycle clen if taken alone its for my gf ,how much and how long shoud u take it.

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    i was told to do this, so im going to tell a search...or go to the profile will tell you there...each spray is 20mcg

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    Check out the clenbuterol handbook on the search engine. I used 80-160mcgs. per day for 1 week and then took 1 week off. Ephedrine was the substitute for the off days. I supplemented with 3-5g of Taurine (to avoid rebound effect when cycle is over) and Potassium tabs (to help prevent cramping and I forgot exact mg dosage). Drink lots of water to avoid cramping up. I did a cycle of 5 weeks but could have went to 8 weeks if I desired. Now this is a woman we're talking about. Her dosages will be smaller, most likely. Try asking a female mod or vet.

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