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    would this be enough?

    whats up guys, if i were to get 1 vial of test c, and a vial of deca , do you think that would be enough to start seeing results with? its a 10ml vial with 200mg/ml. i was just gonna maybe get one of each, with some nolva or clomid of course...but i was just wondering if that would be enough to start seeing results?? if so, im gonna start with that, then get more in a few weeks

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    no that isnt enough, especially with those two compounds you wont even hit the weeks where results start to happen with 1 vial of each, plus your amount of test taken should be higher per week than the deca , or else the deca dick could be you. hit up the steroid profiles forum and do some more research. i'm guessing this is your first cycle so you should shit with one compound and yes your results will be great if everything is in check and you use proper pct. The number one juice virgin cycle is 500mg/week of test cyp or enanthate for 10 weeks. Shoot that sheeit every monday and thursday. so if your cyp is 200mg/ml then shoot 1.25cc(1.25ml) on mon and thurs which is 250mg's total per shot, equating to 500mg per week. right now you only have 1 vial which is 10cc(10ml) of cyp, so you have 2000mg's total, which is enough for 4 weeks, which isnt good because people just begin to see results on cyp or enan at around week 5. so you could get one more vial of test cyp and do 400mg/week for 10 weeks which would still work well, or 2 more vials and go 500mgs for 12 weeks or any other combination over 10 weeks you want. as for the deca i would hold off on it right now. but if you insist, you should run it at 300mg/week for 12 weeks atleast, and to do that you would need to buy one more vial. you have 2000mgs right now and need 3600 for 12 weeks so 4000mgs has you covered. also both compounds have a 15 day active life so run both compounds 12 weeks and then wait 2 weeks after you're done for the sheeit to clear your seystem, then start PCT. -best of luck mang-

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