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    Proposed Dieting Cycle for freind

    My freinds just had some clen he run and did shit - must of either been fake or a bad batch...anyway he's asked me to help him out to sort out some sort of cycle, hes 21 year old and had severe acne when he was a teen he's also run sust+deca before and once again got severe acne.

    The cycle if proposed for him is...(well not really a cycle)

    2 week on 2 week off Clen - 6 tabs a day over 8 weeks (4 weeks on)
    Winstrol 50mg ED for 8 weeks
    Cod liver oil caps for joint pain
    high protein - low or no carb diet - no fats

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    Don't go on a no carb diet, you still to be consuming some. Never eliminate your fats either. Eliminate both carbs and fat and you'd have no energy at all.

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    nutrient timing will work, check the search it should be explained somewhere.

    carbs with pwo and ppwo only, the rest of the meals could be pro/fat.

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