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    Sweet Var Cycle - Critique Appreciated!

    What's goin' on guys.
    I appreciate you readin' this and hopefully one or more of you can offer up some good advice.
    This will be my third cycle. I have used Deca , Sust, EQ, and Winny-V in the past.
    I am 22 yrs. old, 6'3, 208, about 12%-13% bf. I am strong, but more "massy" than defined, and I want that to change.
    Now, I know this will be criticized for being "weak" (no test) and expensive, but I feel pretty confident about this cycle, and I would like to get other people's advice and opinions on it.
    Keeping in mind my goals: 1) strength, 2) strength, 3) drop bf down to single digits, 4) gain muscle mass and lose fat so that I can stay around this same weight (205-210). If I can gain strength, get more ripped and hard, and shred some fat by replacing it with muscle, that would obviously be ideal.
    That being said, here is what I was thinking...

    Var 50mg/ED weeks 1-6
    Clen starting at 40mcg/ED - up to 100mcg/ED weeks 1-3 or 3-6?
    Clomid 50mg/Ed weeks 7-9

    ADDITIONALLY, these will be included:

    (For Var) - Tribulus 5-8g/ED
    Avena Sativa 2-4g/ED
    Milk Thistle)
    (For Clen) - Potassium 200-400mg/ED
    Taurine 3-5g/ED
    Yohimbine when 3wk. clen cycle is done).

    Plus 1-2 gallons of H20 daily (and i'll probably be taking tylenol for headaches, but hopefully I won't need it too often).

    I will be on a high-protein, relatively low-carb diet, with 30 min. cardio 3 times a week, in addition to normal 5-day workout split.

    OK, I think that's everything. Like I said, I would love some input/criticism/suggestions, etc. on this.
    I look forward to seeing what people think.

    Thanks a lot everyone.

    - JK

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    Doens't sound bad, At elast you're going easy on your body for being young.

    I'd really advise you throwing in some test though to take full advantage of your diet and working out.

    But I'm sure you'll gain a good 6 lbs of muscle and lose 10lbs of fat off this cycle.

    You need to get up to 230lbs at 8-10% BF at your height to look good btw.

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    suggestion only: up the dose to 60 g ED and 8 weeks.

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    u can t gain muscle mass, lose fat and gain strength at the same time. and I m asking it again: wtf r u using clen for?

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