Several related Qs here: Why do many talk of rebound from letro but not from Adex??? Is it just bec Letro is SO strong; or is there some different effect which makes it so??? I read lots of the threads but haven't found good answer. Many talk of letro rebound but don't cite any 1st (or even 2nd) - hand experience with said rebound. Others who claim good results from letro ( but no mention of rebound ) all seem to b using it currently -- so we don't know yet if they'll regret rebound. I don't seem 2 b succeptible to gyno, but i AM very prone to rebound from many types of Rx. Been taking .25 ED Adex ( add .25 every 3rd day for total of 1Mg over 3 Days while on ~ 600 Mg/Wk Test) . I started it not bec of gyno issues, but bec the AS seemed to be actually causing me to store more fat around the middle (and my % bodyfat kept rising on my scale along with my weight) -- which is horrible bec my aim is a lean cycle! As i am , wouldn't only .25Mg/D Letro be more than enuf??? If so, would it be silly to worry about rebound at such a low dose??? Also..... tapering is a very effective means of preventing rebound; yet some here advise against it ( I WILL eventually switch off to clomid or nolva in any event) . WHY??? I was thinking that if i use .5Mg letro/D, i would taper to .25 EOD and (with overlap) switch off to nolva. Or (even better???) switch to Adex and then to clomid. I've read that Letro reacts badly with clomid, and that Adex and Nolva cancel each other. Are either or both of these statments true????
Thanx in advance for good answers to some of these Qs