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Thread: Winstrol

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    Winstrol Questions

    Right...comming to the end of my cycle of dbol sust and deca , got 4 weeks of winstrol to harden me and make me more vascular for the end of the cycle... its the 8th today, i go on holiday for 1 week on the 27th just wondering what i should do about the winny...

    Should i run it now for 4 weeks then go on holiday for a week with no gear of PCT then start PCT when i get back first day...or run winstrol for 2 weeks, have 1 week off then run the rest when i come back and PCT...i arnt taking the gear on holiday its too risky what would the effects be running it for 2 week before holiday, having one week off then 2 more weeks when i get back - then PCT as sust PCT is 3 weeks after last injection.
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