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    Clen : How many MCG's in an average ink blotter/dropper

    just got some clen from a reseearch site not ***** (Can i tell you the site so you can check it out and see if im right about the dosage)

    anyway just had 2 drops on my tounge but then read off the site it's

    100MCG/ML - 60ML VIAL
    Feel really shakey now - i dont know if 1 full squirt of the dropper/ink blotter thing is 1ml. If so iv just had 200MCG of clen which i belive is quite alot lol

    Feel really wierd, have i just had a high dose ? or have i just had an average dose and my body cant handle it.

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    screw that need to measure it w a slin pin...and split your dose up and administer 2x a day

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    I agree you need an oral syringe that measures 1ml for accuracy.......... You should be able to get one at any local pharmacy with no probs...

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