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    Question newbie with question

    well let me start by telling you a little about my past the first cycle i ever used i was 160lbs and 19 years old i did a dbol only cycle for 8 weeks and gained some weight but lost it in a short amount of time hence diet and training comes into effect but college baseball just drained all my energy. so for the next year or so i trained natural i stayed pretty consistant around 185-190lbs and feel like i just hit a no grow wall. so my next cycle consisted of d-bol and sus250 i loved it i went from like 190 to 230 and just felt ripped i loved it had been off the juice for about 7 months with less than 2-5lbs weight loss and was making strength gains still. and unfortunately i got the call up for iraq so 1 &1/2 years in the desert with no real nutrition and workouts i came home 160lbs skinny yet again. so ive been at the gym and am back to the same position again 192lbs today at 6'1" and feel like ive hit the growth wall just cant grow or get stronger i have a legitimate source for my stuff but what do you think the results of

    1ccDeca300 with 1ampule Testoviron every 5 days and
    androl50 1.5 tabs a dayf or the 1st 4 weeks only

    what are your thoughts of gains or anything i should add to this please all the help i can get i like being around the 230lb range would love to one day reach 250lbs
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    check this out

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